Marine World, India's Largest Public Aquarium in Kerala, is open Monday to Friday from 10:30 AM to 6:30 PM, and Saturday to Sunday from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM; for ticket bookings, please contact +91 487 261 7000 or +91 8589 980 546.

Marine World


Marine World
Marine World

WELCOME TO Largest aquarium in Kerala, India

Kerala, being a land of traditions and different cultures, has now the added feature of having India’s Largest Public Aquarium. Marine World is situated in Chavakkad, in the district of Thrissur. The journey begins with a vision of creating a space showcasing a variety of marine lives under the majestic ocean. With precise planning and a vivid imagination, we have given our full efforts in creating the largest aquarium in India, Kerala, paving the way for attracting visitors from far and beyond to have a never-forgettable experience.

Being India’s largest Public Aquarium and also a research and study centre, CISO Institute of Oceanic Studies Pvt Ltd. is the brainchild of our Founder and CEO Shri Faisal. R. O. His strenuous efforts for the past fourteen years helped us to materialise this unique project.

Definitely, one of the things that you won’t ever forget about your visit to Marine World, is the diverse eye-catching attractions including an underwater tunnel, a bird park, the largest cylinder aquarium in Kerala and so much more. Plus, you get a visual treat of various species of oceanic lives that we’ve seen on screen and never before on live. With the aquarium being planned in a way that you’ll enjoy it to the fullest, we’ll make sure you leave the place with a smile on your face. The curiosity factor never ends at Marine World, where you’ll get unforgettable experiences that’ll leave you wanting to visit again and again. Visit us and delve into an oceanic wonderland!

Kerala's aquatic paradise

Pay a visit to Marine World the largest aquarium in India, Kerala, and get awe-struck by the sights it has to offer. Filled with vibrant fishes and a variety of exhibits, it is sure to live to craving for more. With a visual treat for your eyes, every nook and corner of the Marine World will surely have something exciting to offer, with an assurance of it definitely living up to the mark. Watch some of your favourite sea creatures up close, in their natural habitats. Grab a sight of colourful fishes swimming around in crystal clear water, letting you have a magical experience of the ocean up close. Marine World offers you a chance to get up and personal with some of the sea life, an experience that will be one for a lifetime. With huge sharks, stingrays, and many more, let yourself be captivated by the extraordinary visions!

Visit Marine World and stroll under an underwater tunnel, play around with a variety of birds, let your children free in the children’s zone, walk on the water bridge, and do much more. Dive into a variety of ocean life and get to know your favourite aquatic lives even more.

Whether you’re a traveller, a native, or just someone passionate about marine life, Aqua World is definitely the place for you. The largest Aquarium in the whole of India will surely give you a peek into the majestic oceanic life and also an experience of a lifetime. Visit Marine World and experience the magic of marine life, right in front of your eyes.

Ciso Institute Of Oceanic Studies Private Limited is a techno commercial venture started in 2007 by a team of expat businessmen and engineers dedicated to the popularisation and awareness creationof the knowledge related to oceans, marine & freshwater animals.

Even though we all visit and enjoy the beaches frequently, the venues to understand and have a general awareness of the ocean is scarce.

Ciso, here makes a humble initiative to create awareness among the local community, especially the youngsters to know more about the ocean which is diverse in biota and environment.

The aspects of impact of ocean on climate, need for the protection of ocean, endangered species in the ocean, etc. needs special attention in general awareness perspectives.

Therefore we built a centre and named it Marine World.

  • Capacity of 150+ Visitors at a time
  • Restuarant and Souvenir Shop Inside
  • Outstanding Children Park

Mr. Faisal R O

He worked in London at one of the biggest public aquarium in the region. He has more than a decade of professional experience in building & setting up marine tourism projects. He has traveled to several destinations around the world to study marinelife & public aquariums.

Mr. Nowsher Mohamed

He is an accomplished businessman and NRI with businesses in the Middle East. He has played a leading role along with Faisal in setting up this project.

Marine World is located on the Chavakkad – Ponnani Highway at Panchavadi. It is situated in the Punnayoor Panchayath behind Panchavadi Temple Beach.

Distance from important locations in Kerala.

  • Guruvayur Temple: 10 Km
  • Cochin Intl Airport: 80 Km
  • Calicut Intl Airport: 85 Km
  • Thrissur Town : 35 Km.

More Details Coming Soon!



Explore Marine World with CISO Institute

CISO Institute of Oceanic Studies Pvt Ltd., is the brain child of our Founder and C.E.O Shri Faisal. R. O. His strenuous efforts for the past fourteen years helped us to materialise this unique project. This techno commercial venture started in 2007 by a team of expats businessmen & engineers decided to popularization and awareness creation of the knowledge related to oceans, marine & fresh water animals. Marine World offers a unique opportunity for children, research students & adults to admire, learn , enjoy & interact with marine & fresh water animals.

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