Marine World, India's Largest Public Aquarium in Kerala, is open Monday to Friday from 10:30 AM to 6:30 PM, and Saturday to Sunday from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM; for ticket bookings, please contact +91 487 261 7000 or +91 8589 980 546.

Marine World

Artificial Mangroove Forest


Explore Marine World's Mangrove Forest: Nature's Marvel

Within the emerald-hued landscape and beach waves of Chavakkad, Marine World, India’s largest public aquarium offers you an amazing getaway to an unforgettable experience. Even though there are many exhibits there that are absolute wonders, something that really stands out is the Artificial mangrove forest.

While visiting this brilliance, you’re transported to a whole another world , filled with tall trees and green plants, just like in the movies. You can take a relaxing journey through the forest, gazing all around and exploring the scenery that you’ve would have not seen ever before. The exhibit is filled with life and never experienced before. Although it is an artificial mangrove forest and quite amazing to look at, you’ll also learn how a mangrove first works perfectly, with it being the exact copy of an actual forest’s ecosystem.

The exhibit gives off a lesson on how mangrove forests are important and how it helps to protect the coast lines, save a variety of animal lives and help stop storms. It also aims to be an educational platform for the kids as well as the kids to perfectly understand how a mangrove forest works.

Discover the wonders of the Artificial Mangrove Forest at Marine World in Chavakkad, Thrissur. It’s a place where nature meets adventure, and memories are made!

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